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Jordan Cox Knives

High Carbon Chefs Knife

High Carbon Chefs Knife

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1084 high carbon steel blade. 8 inch edge. Yellow maple burl handle, white corian collar. Perfectly balance chefs knife
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Why my Class?

THIS IS THE ONLY CLASS IN THE TAMPA AREA WHERE YOU ACTUALLY FINISH YOUR KNIFE! The Make Your Own Knife Class is a single 8h day. The student WILL go home with a FULLY finished useable knife, NO HANDLE WORK TO DO LATER. Learn from a full time Professional Bladesmith whose 1 of 1 designs are valued by international collectors and renowned Chefs, not from some guy in a garage with and anvil and angle grinder... In the first hour we will practice forging different shapes and moving metal around until you get comfortable, develop a rhythm, and learn to correct your mistakes. Now you’re ready to forge your own knife. In the knife making class we will forge a camp, bush craft, hunting, fighting or kitchen knife of your own design or from traditional profiles such as a French blade, Gyuto, or Kiritsuke. Mirroring me, you will forge your own knife from traditional Japanese High Carbon Steel from start to finish with as little or as much help from me as you want. In my class you have access to all the "toys" you see on Forged in Fire, I own a big power hammer and hydraulic press for you to use during forging. After forging, you will select a piece of handle material from my collection of dyed and stabilized burlwood and exotic hardwood then we will fit and shape the handle. In this class, we will learn to forge a knife, normalize steel, how to heat treat in a forge, quench in oil, how to fit, shape a handle, grind, sharpen, and polish a knife. Materials, safety equipment, food, and beverages provided. Lunch is a 3 lb Tomahawk Ribeye with a Baked Potato, Candied Carrot and a to go box. I provide complimentary Arturo Fuente Cigars, Top Shelf Whiskey, and Wine that pair well with the experience. Classes are available 7 days a week, but weekends book quickly. I'm a former chef turned Bladesmith and I have combined my unique set of skills and have created the perfect gift and extraordinary experience for couples, parents, and their children.

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